Face-To-Face With Change:  The 
Implementation of Technology-Enabled Learning of Nonverbal and Paralinguistic Features of Language

Developed at Northeastern University
Project Directors: Carolyn Fidelman and Stephen Sadow

New!Dialogos Colombianos ethnographic video for the study of nonverbal communication patterns of Spanish-speaking individuals in Bogotá Colombia.

When you order this package you will receive a DVD and a CD. The DVD plays on a normal DVD player but also can play on your DVD equipped computer. Data files on the DVD include files that are also found on the accompanying CD. The CD is conveniently included so that your media dept may quickly make unlimited copies for your students as a study tool.

Files in the data portion of these discs include:

  • Dialogues folder with quicktime video navigable through a student web page.
  • Teacher Resources folder including a complete web site of information for the teacher. Interviews with Laurence Wylie, originator of this method, and Christopher Pinet, editor of the French Review and a practicioner of this approach, are included.

Write Carolyn Fidelman at cgf@agoralang.com to purchase a site license DVD plus CD package for:
DVD + CD version Videodisc version
DANS LA PEAU DES FRANÇAIS $69.95 available only through audioforum.com $69.95
Media shipped to you with rights to unlimited use and reproduction of media for the students at your school.

Below is more information about this project:

Extending the Language Curriculum with Enabling Technologies: Nonverbal Communication and Interactive Video by C. Fidelman, article reprint from CALICO Monograph IV, June 1997.

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* Future Initiatives
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*Project Group Discussion 1996-1998
* Bibliography
* About FIPSE, the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education
* About In The French Body and In The German Body videodiscs and software
* Other Internet Resources for nonverbal and paralinguistic language learning

The FIPSE-funded project "Face-To-Face With Change", promotes the learning of total communication skills when dealing in-person with members of another culture. This means teaching the elements of gesture, intonation, body movement and pacing that impart a more native-like feel to a person's second language performance and therefore diminish the possibilities for cross-cultural misunderstanding. The interactive video materials that support this teaching are called "In The French Body" and "In The German Body". Participating institutions will experiment with and observe the ways that implementation of the teaching of nonverbal and paralinguistic skills in foreign language can be fostered. Teacher-generated ideas for implementation at the beginning, intermediate, advanced and professional levels of language training will be included on this web site as they become available.

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