Face-To-Face With Change:  The 
Implementation of Technology-Enabled Learning of Nonverbal and Paralinguistic Features of Language

Course Implementations

We are just beginning to experiment with implementations and will have some examples for you by the end of the Fall semester/quarter. Meanwhile, here is a form that can be used by teachers in keeping a diary of their work with students:
Face-to-Face with Change
Utilization report

Instructor ___________

Language ___________

Level ____________

Date of activity:____________

Segment(s) used (by stack name and frame numbers)

Goal(s) of the activity

Relevant pages in textbook (if applicable)

Analysis [Here the instructor will state how they feel the activity came
off.  They will make suggestions on how to amend it.  They will relay
student comments] 

Please attach any handouts you used during this activity.

* Many thanks to Warren Roby for this contribution!

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