Face-To-Face With Change:  The Implementation of Technology-Enabled Learning of Nonverbal and Paralinguistic Features of Language

Face-to-Face Symposia & Presentations

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  • Face-to-Face Symposium II: May 13-17, 1998, Calico Rock, Arkansas. Project Participants gather to discuss further results in field testing.
  • CALICO 98: July 6-10, San Diego, CA, "Creating Intonation Lessons With SpeechLab Authoring Tool"
  • AATF 98: July 23-26, Montréal, "Face-to-Face With Change: Project Report on Field Testing a Nonverbal Language Component in French Classes from Level 1 and On"
  • ACTFL 98: Nov. 20-22, Chicago, IL, "Using Email Discussion Lists for Language Project Management"

Recent Symposia and Presentations

  • Sine Nomine: "Teaching the Nonverbal Aspects of Language", co-presentation with Stephen Sadow, Northeastern University 2/21/98 Boston, MA.
  • ACTFL '97: "Nonverbal Communication in Language Study: Practical Issues and Recent Research" co-presentation with Allen Rowe, U.Colo. 11/22/97 Nashville TN.
  • ACTFL '97: "Psychology on CALL: Face-To-Face With Change: Project Report on Field Testing Nonverbal Language Component in French and German:" co-presentation with Christopher Pinet, Kathryn Murphy-Judy, Warren Roby. 11/22/97 Nashville TN.
  • Face-to-Face Symposium I June 22-23, 1997 Bear Mountain Inn, NY. Project participants discussed the results of their experimental courses during academic 1996-97. Among workshops offered were "Speech Analysis 101", Eric Keller, Université de Lausanne, and "Integrating the Verbal and the Nonverbal in a Communicative Approach and in Pedagogical Practice" with Odile Ledru-Menot, Université de la Sorbonne, Paris III

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