Face-To-Face With Change:  The 
Implementation of Technology-Enabled Learning of Nonverbal and Paralinguistic Features of Language

Face-to-Face Teacher Training Workshop

"Bringing culture and nonverbal expression into your foreign language instruction"

DATES: over a five day period
HOURS: two hour block
LOCATION: suitable room with moveable chairs and lab equipment


a. 1 presentation system consisting of: 1 videodisc player, 1 Macintosh computer any model (minimum 2Meg RAM), 1 MacRecorder (if no built-in Apple microphone), 1 TV monitor, cable for Mac-to-VD player, audio and video cables for VD player-to-TV monitor. b. Camcorder.


During this 5-day workshop, attendees will receive background information on the theory behind and approach to incorporating co-verbal and nonverbal channels of communication in language teaching. Attendees will learn about a new approach to teaching these channels of commmunication. In becoming familiar with the In The French Body or In The German Body videodisc-based materials, attendees will experience the learning technique called the Wylie Exercise, named after Laurence Wylie, its creator. Attendees who want to implement this in their own courses will be invited to propose their own variations on the use of these materials in the months following this workshop. Opportunities to share the results of these experimental courses will be offered to participants in various follow-up activities supported by the grant through 1998.


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