Let our team of research professionals assist your organization with its research, measurement, test and survey development needs.

AES is oriented toward quantitative methods of data analysis ranging from rigorous randomized-control trial designs for hypothesis testing to more exploratory research approaches. Our work focuses strongly on score and variable integrity.

We specialize in research design and psychometrics (the development and validation of tests and their scores) for government, non-governmental, education or private organizations whose projects must meet specific requirements for reporting of project milestones and results. Research questions, test instruments and results are identified. We use innovative methods of gathering data on-line as well as by traditional means.

We apply professional standards to our work as exemplified by the AERA/NCME/APA's Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing, APA's Code of Fair Testing Practices in Education, and AEA's Guiding Principles for Evaluators ,

Typical services:

  • Consult with project leadership and stakeholders on the scope and method of a proposed research project or test design,
  • Identify measurable outcomes that answer research questions,
  • Perform power analysis so that resources for sample size are used optimally,
  • Design and implement a data collection procedure,
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  • Manage the test development process,
  • Perform test validation,
  • Develop meaningful scores,
  • Conduct site-based meetings or workshops,
  • Assist in writing proposals, interim and final reports, articles, press releases, and other dissemination materials.


On-line data collection services:

Survey research and testing using online modes of data collection is a specialty of AES. Here are some sample screens demonstrating my methods of on-line data collection.


Our staff :

Carolyn Grim Fidelman, Ph.D.

Dana Diaconu, Ph.D.


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